Our Values.

We’re growing, just like the plants we cultivate. In all that we do. It is a part of our mindset, company culture; it’s in our DNA.  At Agri-Kind, we want to be growing as a company, as employees and as people. To ensure we can continue to grow and flourish, we have committed to four specific core values.

Care – about and in all that we do. This includes all of our work, the products we offer, the people we serve and those we share our offices and community with.

Learn – whether furthering our research on plant-based solutions, understanding the specific terpenes or a strain, or finding ways to be better at our jobs, we are in constant pursuit of knowledge.

Natural – we are a plant-focused company, trying to apply a scientific approach to what the world has to offer. No artificial colors/ingredients or preservatives – in our products or people. We hope to leave the world as we found it… or better.

Quality – nothing but the highest quality in all the products we cultivate and work we do.