Using a state-of-the-art extraction lab, Agri-Kind has created a full line of premium vape cartridges. Each cart starts with hand selected genetics to maximize desired potency and potential medical benefit. Housed in top of the line CCell® ceramic tank cartridges, every cart is taken through a proprietary extraction process, filled with care, assessed by quality assurance, and third party tested. Only the finest cannabis oil can carry the Agri-Kind name. Our vape products are 100% cannabis-derived. We do not use any cutting agents or non-cannabis ingredients as enhancers.

We will be using every corner of our expansive genetics library to create a wide variety of carts – both strain specific and blends. You will be able to find the following types of Agri-Kind carts:

Liquid Live Resin (LLR) – Flash frozen, fresh harvested cannabis. A great option if you are looking for the most flavorful and terpene rich experience.
CO2 – Solid choice for choice for potency and purity. Retains a wide range of cannabinoids while hanging on to terpenes so you aren’t sacrificing much flavor.
Liquid Sugar – Sugar concentrate liquified. Good in maintaining both terpenes and cannabinoids. Very flavorful and effective.

Please note – Many of our cartridges are made of glass. Please handle with care. Try to avoid bumping, dropping, and extreme changes in temperature or pressure.